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Pain Management

Our chiropractor office just outside of Madison Wisconsin offers effective pain management for the neck, back, joints, headaches, and more. We offer a holistic approach for pain management through spinal adjustments, trigger point therapy and inter segmental traction therapy.

We utilize tests to find the root cause for the discomfort and seek to address the cause rather than mask the pain. The muscular skeletal system is an interconnected system that ties into the nervous system. Minor abnormalities in the spine can result in pins and needles, numbness, dizziness, and other adverse symptoms. We provide therapy and answers that go beyond simple pain management.

General practitioners often overlook misalignment's in the spine as the cause for symptoms. The patient then goes through unnecessary surgeries and medications to address an issue that could be dealt with through a chiropractic perspective. Our chiropractic doctors are trained to recognize minor abnormalities which could be the root cause for major symptoms.

Reinen Beyler Chiropractic does not treat symptoms alone. Instead, our chiropractic doctors and staff seek to provide each patient with an optimal health plan that treats the root cause of the symptoms. We are able to locate improper posture, and spinal, muscular and habitual patterns that may be the root cause for the discomfort and adverse symptoms.

We also offer therapeutic care for individuals who have been in car accidents, falls, etc. Each of our patients receives an individualized plan for pain management with the ultimate goal in mind to achieve long term relief and a pain-free life. We seek to locate and rectify the root cause behind adverse symptoms here in our Verona location.

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