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Mid Back Pain

Dr 20Joe 20adj 20thoracicMid back pain has become increasingly widespread. Our Verona chiropractor office provides a medication and surgery free option. Chiropractic solutions are offering affective pain relief while optimizing total physical health. Mid back pain can be minor, dull, nagging, or accelerated to excruciatingly painful. The painful symptoms can be caused by a number of factors including: failure to receive treatment and full recovery for an injury; poor posture habits; prolonged sitting at a desk, vehicle, or in front of the TV; failure to seek immediate care pertaining to injury; etc. Treating an injury through the use of pain medications alone can actually deter the healing process and create complications by masking the pain and neglecting the cause. Our Verona/Madison area office doctors and staff will provide you with the necessary tests to locate the cause of the back pain. Locating and addressing the cause minimizes the chance of a future exasperation to the area. A healed body can then be maintained through proper strength exercises, possible massage therapy and routine adjustments.

Our Verona/Madison area location treats children and adults. Please contact us if you or a family member is experiencing dull to serious mid back pain. Getting to the bottom of the issue and treating the cause will ensure long term strength and health. Overlooking or dismissing an injury caused by a fall or auto injury can prove detrimental. We provide chiropractic care that imparts health, longevity and lasting mobility. The muscular skeletal structures of the body directly impacts mobility and health. Routine checkups and adjustments will ensure maximized health to your entire body.

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