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Our Verona facility specializes in natural chiropractic treatments. Many infants and children are benefiting from this medicine and surgery free option. The benefits to children are tremendous and are seen relatively quickly. Our compassionate and caring staff specializes in the unique needs of children and their families.

Parents often express amazement at the quick turnaround experienced after the early sessions of pediatrics chiropractic care. A healthy spine will provide the infant or child with the optimum ability to achieve total health. Pediatric chiropractic care provides gentle and soothing manipulations that result in a healthy spine and ultimately a healthy nervous system. Pediatric chiropractic care offers your family a solid foundation for total wellness.

There is a delicate balance expressed in the nervous system of each child. This expression is intricately connected to the spinal column. Even minor misalignment's can result in an altercation to the delicate nervous system. The staff and doctors here in our Verona facility understand this intricate balance and are attuned to the physical symptoms experienced by a child when there are misalignment's in the spine.

General children's doctors are not trained to recognize and treat spinal misalignment's and so children often experience prolonged discomfort and various recommended medicines. Many parents opt to try traditional medicinal options, only to experience disappointment and continuous symptoms. Our facility embraces parents with hope for a better solution.

Our pain free manipulations and medication free treatments have multiple success stories. Many of these success stories began with symptoms of colic, fussing, headaches, bed wetting and more. We invite your family to visit our Verona facility and to experience pediatrics chiropractic care from our loving and insightful doctors and staff.

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