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Neck Pain Neck 20adj

Neck pain relief is provided for at our Madison chiropractic office. This is more common in elderly individuals and is not as common in the general population as back pain. This symptom is caused by degenerative changes in the tissues of the cervical spine. Over time this condition will lead to multiple symptoms including: headaches, pain and stiffness, balance issues and dizziness. The chiropractic approach provides lasting relief that treats the root cause of the neck pain rather than merely masking the pain through the use of medications. Your health goals are our concern and we offer a holistic approach to total body wellness. Our chiropractic doctors will determine the cause of the symptoms and address them through an appropriate, holistic approach. A careful evaluation will be completed to rule out serious causes such as: infection, arthritis, tumor, etc. The treatment plan will not include medication or surgery. Instead, our relief from neck pain will be accomplished through noninvasive therapies including spinal adjustments, physical therapy, diet and nutritional counseling and lifestyle modifications.

If you or a loved one is experiencing minor to serious neck pain, we invite you to visit our Madison facility to receive an examination and the recommended safe therapy for overcoming neck pain. Each of our recommended therapies are individually planned to provide a safe, fast and effective remedy for long term relief and overall optimized wellness. Many general medical practitioners can only offer temporary relief, while we offer thorough therapies that bring transforming health and vitality.