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Low Back Pain

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Lower back pain is a commonly experienced ailment. It is a painful experience that is often reoccurring and may be connected to the same, untreated spinal misalignment. Statistics show that as many as 80% of adults in North America will experience low back pain in their life time. Our Verona/Madison area chiropractic office provides a specialized treatment plan for individuals seeking freedom from this reoccurring and ongoing pain, discomfort and the associated medications and surgeries. Our chiropractic techniques promote total wellness and recovery without medication or surgery!

Lower back pain is often connected to a previous injury. Some common events that may have contributed to the symptomatic trouble include: an incomplete rehabilitation from a past injury, the lack of proper and periodic chiropractic adjustments, lumbar spine subluxations, improper lifting causing injury, automobile accidents, poor posture, fallen arches, exposure to excess vibration, scoliosis, poor diet and nutrition, smoking, excessive torso motions and more. The process of chiropractor adjustments allows for a complete healing to take place within the spine and surrounding muscles.

Our Verona chiropractic staff and doctors specialize in addressing the unique needs associated with treating lower back pain. Our patients experience relief from pain and problematic symptoms caused by a previous injury or misalignment of the spine through our wellness approach, which utilizes chiropractic techniques, manipulations, diet and nutrition to bring wholeness and health. Our Madison chiropractic doctors are able to obtain amazing results for low back pain sufferers; experience relief today by calling our Madison office for a consultation and examination.

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