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Neck 20adj 1Headache relief is available in our Verona clinic just outside of Madison. Spinal manipulations have been known to bring relief from the severity and frequency of headache symptoms. Injuries, falls, car accidents and poor posture can manipulate vertebrae out of position. The misalignment can then cause pressure on the nerves. This pressure sends painful signals to the muscles around the neck causing a headache. Spinal manipulations are provided at our Verona/Madison area clinic, which straighten the spine and relax the surrounding muscles. Not all headaches are the result of spinal misalignments. and we may also conduct physical, orthopedic and neurological testing to determine the condition of your spine. A palpation test will check for irregularities in the spine that could cause the headaches. X-rays are sometimes necessary. Headache relief is frequently accomplished through simple adjustments to the spine. A general practitioner often overlooks the subtle indications of spinal misalignment. Our chiropractors specialize in recognizing minor abnormalities that could be causing the headache.

Our doctors do not seek to treat symptoms alone; instead, we seek to provide optimized health while dealing with the root cause for the headache. Our chiropractors are trained to recognize spinal, muscular and habitual components that may be causing the headache. Chiropractic treatment is successful. Simply treating the pain with medication is inferior to the chiropractic options provided at our clinic. Each patient is provided with a partnership in health that includes a monthly newsletter, fitness suggestions and dietary expertise. Our chiropractic care brings impactful, positive results. We provide healthy, surgery free and medication free options that result in freedom from pain. An examination from a trained chiropractor can catch and rectify the cause for the painful headache.

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