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Read about our customers experiences with Dr. Steve and Dr. Joe of Reinen Beyler Chiropractic.

"Dr. Steve and Dr. Joe are both very good with diagnosing problems and getting me back to feeling normal.."


Steve S.

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"I really enjoy the results I get from Joe. He is always kind and friendly and I feel like a friend."


∼Nick O

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"Dr Steve is great!! Easily the best chiropractor I’ve been to."


∼Steve S

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"Great job with the adjustments! I feel relief each time I leave the clinic. Also appreciate how thorough they are with each appointment. Keep up the good work!"


∼John T

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"My husband and I have received excellent chiropractic care for many years."


∼Kathy W

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"both Dr. Steve and Dr. Joe are very good, friendly staff, highly recommended."


∼Debra G

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"Steve really listens. It makes a huge difference when someone listens to your symptoms and concerns. Definitely a five star team! If you need to see someone, this is the place!"


∼Andrea J

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"Highly recommend Dr. Steve! He keeps me in optimum condition for my very active job.


∼Beth W

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"After a car accident, I was in pain! Dr. Joe was recommended by a friend. He is very professional, knowledgeable and gentle. I have always felt better after an appointment!!! The office is clean and bright. The staff are friendly and helpful. This has been a great help to getting me back to baseline! I am so appreciative!!!


∼Ann A

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"Dr. Joe & Dr. Steve are awesome! Don't know what I would do without them! Pat & Betty are wonderful!


∼Wendy H

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"Excellent, friendly care with flexible scheduling. I wouldn't want to go anywhere else."


∼Erin B

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"Love the care and treatment I get from Dr Joe at Reinen Beyler Chiro."


∼Jennifer K

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"Been going here for 5 years or so now. Previous owner and with the new owners. I still love the treatment I get. Dr Steve is who I go to and he's a likeable guy. He's easy to talk to and he gets the job done. He loosens the muscles and make adjustments. He does the neck quite well. I've also never had a hard time getting in within a reasonable time frame. "


∼Eric W

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"Whether it's chiropractic adjustments or myofascial release treatments, I value the compassion and care I receive from Drs. Mike, Steve and Joe at Beyler Chiropractic. They take the time to get to know me as a person too. That is hard to find these days."

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"I was very impressed with the time given on this initial appointment. Every procedure was explained fully including what was being done and what we hoped to accomplish. Looking forward to my next appointment"
∼Thomas H

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" I have experienced the best in patient care by Dr. Mike and Dr. Steve as well as the entire front office staff who show respect and care for all of their patients. I will continue to advocate for chiropractic care and recommend Reinen Beyler Chiropractic as Dane County' Best!

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"After trying physical therapy, acupuncture and massage to deal with a pinched nerve in my neck that caused intense pain and reduced strength, I turned to Beyler Chiropractic Clinic. I'd never been treated by a chiropractor before, so I was a little tentative.

Doctors Mike and Steve engaged me in both discussion and treatment of the cause of the pain. I saw immediate relief from the first session, and continued improvement to the point I no longer have any pain. From where I was, I didn't know I would ever return to this pain-free state.

I can't thank Doctors Mike and Steve enough for how they made my life better. Plus, they gave me ways to prevent future neck issues by educating me in how the neck and back work.

Also of note: even before I had the pinched nerve, I often (monthly) needed massages to relieve tension in my upper back muscles. Since seeing the doctors, I no longer have that tension-I haven't craved a massage in over 6 months."
~Bob Mayville, patient for 2 years

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"Can't say enough about Dr. Mike Beyler and Dr. Steve Beyler... they have helped me tremendously in just 3 days... I have hesitated for many many years and after much consideration & prayer and advice from many people several from close friends... FINALLY went and I am very happy... the staff is excellent and all have been very willing to work with my schedule I have more energy, sleep better and most importantly no headaches for days now!! THANKS BEYLER CHIRO!!"
~Rick, patient for 2 months

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"My sweet little baby (3 months old) was on a 5 day strike of not drinking her bottle, in fact she would scream in fits of pain... refusing to eat! After just one adjustment on Thursday I brought her home and she took her bottle without any fight or pain. I can't believe how fast one adjustment could change OUR lives.. now 5 bottles later she is still drinking like a champ and without any pain.. My tiny little baby is happy! THANK YOU!!"
~ Mariah, mother of patient for 2 months

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"Last year I noticed swelling in my right leg from my toes to my hip and numbness in my foot. My leg was several inches larger in circumference than my other one. The medical doctors were concerned that it could mean a blood clot, or even cancer in my lymphatic system. So they put me through scans and found nothing, thankfully, and simply prescribed support stockings.

Dr. Beyler suggested that my lower back needed adjustment, because the L5 vertebra can affect circulation in the leg. As I was driving home after the first adjustment I could feel the numbness leaving my foot.

After several adjustments my leg and foot are almost completely normal, and I'm extremely grateful for Dr. Beyler.chiropractic adjustments were able to get to the cause of my circulation problem."
~ Kenton, patient for 5 years

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"Dr. Beyler! You and your staff are the best! After 1 email yesterday, I had an appointment today that worked with my schedule and I felt better after one adjustment than I have in months! Thank you for making my life better! You rock!! :D"
~ Liz, patient for 1 week

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"Out of all of the medical doctors I have had over the years, Dr. Beyler has given me the best and most consistent care."
~ Beth, patient for 12 years

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"Six years ago my wife was hit by a car causing her a traumatic brain injury and torn neck tendons. His caring heart for patients along with his excellent work is clearly visible. He has helped my wife with her recovery from a traumatic brain injury and we are very grateful to have met him and for all his care."
~ Ted, husband of Tabby, patient for 4 years

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Miracle twin babies Grady and Josephine getting their first adjustments. Both babies (4 months old) were having problems with constipation and Mom saw much improvement even after their first adjustment!
~ Abby, mother and patient for 4 years

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"I'd like to thank the Doctor for a job well done!"
~ 74 year old male, treated for lumbosacral strain, patient for 8 years

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"My 5-week old son Hayden has been showing signs of colic for 6 days. We haven't had much sleep, and it's been very frustrating. This morning I posted a question to my friends on Facebook, asking what I should do to help Hayden get over this, and several of my friends suggested taking him to a chiropractor. I had seen Dr. Beyler in the past, and decided to bring him to the clinic today."

Hayden after his first chiropractic adjustment

"After his first treatment on Thursday, Hayden was 50% better.That night after his first treatment was wonderful, no longer 2.5 hours of crying!"

After 4 visits, we have seen great improvements in Hayden’s demeanor, and Dr. Mike has released him from treatment
~ Erin, mother and patient for 3 years

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Patient in one of our "We've Got Your Back" t-shirts.
Vicki, patient for 9 years

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"I went to another chiropractor many years ago and they had no idea how bad my back hurt after I left their office. I had 3 slipped disks and had no choice where I could go at the time becuase it involved a workers compensation case. Now when I come in to see Dr. Mike, I don't have to tell him where my back is hurting. Dr. Mike can tell just from touching my back. I have gone from a pain level of 10+, down to a 3. I am mad that my insurance will not be covering Dr. Mike much longer."
~67 year old female, treated for thoracic strain, patient for 1 year

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"Throughout my high school years, I have been treated for minor ailments that resulted from my active lifestyle. I played soccer, volleyball, and ran cross country. Whether I got a headache from physically demanding soccer games, a sore back from volleyball, or general misalignment from impact running, Dr. Mike has been able to restore me back to excellent health through his chiropractic services."

~Rachel, patient for 3 years

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"Professional, but personable! Dr. Beyler and his staff are always so helpful at getting me back to my normal, healthy self. They always are ready and willing to help me get an appointment as soon as possible for a time that is convenient for me. With a busy work schedule, that is a lifesaver. I highly recommend Dr. Beyler to anyone seeking chiropractic health or just overall wellness!"
~ Ellen

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"Great help for all types of pain! Dr. Beyler has helped me with my lower-back pain, my neck pain, cramps, and headaches. I recommend Dr. Beyler to everyone I know who has pain or would like to take a more natural approach to health and wellness."
~ Laura, patient for 1 year

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"Seeing Dr. Beyler for adjustments has made a huge difference in my life. It's so nice to have things in the right places and feel good! I've been to Beyler Chiropractic for many reasons - from headaches to pinched nerves to tailbone problems. What a difference life is without pain!"
~ Kelly, patient for 6 years

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"With my physically demanding career in dance, chiropractic care keeps my body working in the best condition possible so that I can be pain and injury free. The foundation of my career is the optimal function of my body, but everyone should be able to live the best way possible. I recommend chiropractic care to anyone in pain, or wanting to improve their health and wellness."
~ Melanie, patient for 6 years

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"Easily the BEST chiropractor I have ever been to. I have been going to Beyler Chiropractic Clinic in the Princeton Club west for over 2 years now and have never been disappointed. I have occasionally tried out others out of immediate convenience, but none compare. I would and do recommend this place to anyone!"
~ Danielle, patient for 2 years

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"Dear Dr. Beyler,

I am writing this today because it occurred to me that I had never properly thanked you for saving my life. You may not remember me, but I was a patient of your approximately fifteen years ago.

In order that others may benefit from this story, let me start at the beginning. As a competitive swimmer for the University of Wisconsin, I was traveling the country as one of the tops in my field. While training midway through my first year, I began to lose sensation to my left arm from the shoulder to my finger tips. Upon further examination, I also lost a pulse to that arm. I could not use a screwdriver or a toothbrush with that hand. The medical doctors diagnosed shoulder problems. They placed me on fifteen different anti-inflammatory drugs as each one wore off I received a new prescription. This was destroying my liver, kidneys, digestive and immune system which made me chronically ill and I was constantly sick. This continued until I was given a product that we now know causes cancer and is only used on racehorses. Since we know that anti-inflammatory drugs only mask the problem, I continued to train and further damage my body. Because I wasn't getting any better and in fact was getting worse, the University hospital began to run tests on me. They gave me every poke, prod and scan. I was the guinea pig with up to twelve residents gawking at a time. No one could believe what was happening in my body. Following about twenty thousand dollars worth of testing, I was told that I needed to have a rib taken out to make room for the nerves, arteries and veins. I spent the next year and a half in search of a second opinion that differed from the first. I saw the best specialists in the country only to be told the same thing at each office. While searching for a solution other than surgery, I lost my swimming scholarship, lost my ability to study, lost friends, family etc. due to my attempts to squelch my depression with alcohol. I lost everything I had worked for during the last twelve years. I then decided to have the surgery as there seemed no other recourse. It did not work. So I continued my downward spiral and could have killed myself or someone else by drunk driving seven nights a week. Then, when the bottom fell out, someone recommended that I try chiropractic. While skeptical, I listened to you and it made so much sense. I knew I was in a special place from the beginning. Within the first couple of adjustments, you were able to temporarily restore the blood and nerve flow to my left arm and from then on I knew what I would do for the rest of my life. I would be a Chiropractor committed to saving others' lives just as I am convinced you have saved mine. To this day I am checked weekly and adjusted if necessary in order to maintain the health God gave me. While I don't know why I was so subluxated as to cause those health problems, I do know that if the alcohol hadn't killed me, that the subluxations would have by leading to other health issues. Thanks for all the lives you have touched over the years and know that you are directly responsible for the hundreds of lives I touch every day via chiropractic here in Chicago. I will never forget what transpired in the few months we were together and thank God for your inspiration in the few minutes we shared.


Mark Lagerkvist, D.C."
(Mark is now a chiropractor at Lifeline Chiropractic in Olympia Fields, IL, just outside of Chicago.)