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Auto Injuries

Auto injuries can result in serious misalignments in the spine that can distort structure, irritate nerves or adversely affect ligaments, bones and disks. We specialize in automobile accident care and recovery. We are located in Verona just 10 minutes from Madison and offer specialized care that focuses on transforming the overall health while reversing any adverse consequences resulting from an automobile accident. Our services are easily assessable to those located in and around the Verona/Madison area.

Even minor accidents can result in auto injuries and spinal misalignments. Our automobile injury specialists are able to detect any misalignment caused by the accident and quickly address it, resulting in a speedy recovery. If you have been in any automobile accident, it is important to visit a chiropractor for a spinal checkup. This will ensure that your spine is completely free of damaging abnormalities. Common auto injuries are often seen in post concussion syndrome, mild traumatic brain injuries, whiplash syndrome and mild head injuries.

People of all ages, from infants to seniors that have been involved in an automobile accident, whether serious or mild, should see a chiropractor. Visiting a chiropractor can make the difference between disability and fitness and between a life with pain or without pain. True recovery from mild to serious auto injuries is possible and the ability to overcome the disability caused by auto injuries is achievable through the assistance of a chiropractor. Our Verona office offers specialized treatments for all ages including the delicate care needed for infants and small children.

Dr. Beyler treats victims of serious accident, boating accident injury and accidents caused by drunk driving.