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HCG Weight Loss

Dr. Steve and Dr. Joe's parents, Dr. Mike and Lynn Beyler lost a significant amount of weight three years ago. Everyone is amazed and asking questions about how this was accomplished. Good News! Lynn Beyler has prepared a HCG weight loss program so that you can do it too! Lynn is great coach and will make sure you are successful.

The HCG weight loss program uses a hormone that makes your body drop 0.5-1.5 pounds per day. Dr. Mike lost 54 pounds in 40 days, Lynn lost 28 pounds in 40 days. You too can now take advantage of this great life-changing system. Give us a call today at our Madison clinic to make an appointment.

HCG Weight Loss Program

Check out the HCG Weight Loss Overview for more information.

NOTE: You are NOT a candidate for this weight loss program if

  • you are pregnant
  • you have an Auto Immune Disorder
  • you have HIV
  • you have Lupus
  • you have Hashimoto Graves Disease
  • you have uncontrolled diabetes (A1C in excess of 7.0)
  • you are on Coumadin therapy
  • you have or have had any cancer, active or inactive
  • you have Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • you are younger than age 21

HCG Weight Loss Give us a call to schedule your personal appointment: 608-334-7700

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